When it is

July 19, 2013

What it is

This is a game of tag. Basic 'back yard' tag…with zombies! The objective is for the 'survivors' to successfully reach all of the required check points inside of the boundary. The catch: if you are tagged by a zombie, you become a zombie. Bummer that you will now be one of the undead. Cool that you can chase your friends down and make them undead as well! This game is about having fun. Getting to run around and play tag. Oh, and get in some early prep for the real zombie apocalypse…we all know it is coming!



The participants are:
Survivors – Survivors are still human. They tend to scream when scared in the dark (or say bad words). But regardless, survivors are the hope of human kind and we really need some to actually 'live' through the experience and not be caught by the ghoulish masses soon to be infesting Boise.

Zombies – Crawlers, Walkers, undead…call them what you will, but they are a nasty lot and want nothing more than to tag a survivor and relish those joyous 10 seconds of turning a human into a zombie.


The participants must be 18 or older


The Zone

The game will be played inside of a boundary…otherwise known as 'The Zone'

The Zone